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ExitAhead Loans as an establishment is committed to offering attractive and flexible short term loans to all clients. With a fully established online functional system, we are able to offer the best services to clients in the UK region in terms of their short term emergency financial needs.

On numerous occasions, you may find yourself short of cash and in need of a financier that can help advance a loan amount sufficient for your needs. What you need may be a small amount that can easily be repaid on your next pay day or in 3 subsequent pay days and we have the perfect short term loans for you. When the need is a bit of an emergency, you need a company that is in a position to release the money to your account quickly. While many organizations may take their time looking into your credit history to advance you an emergency loan, ExitAhead Loans overlooks these aspects thus offering fast loans.

ExitAhead Loans has an instant response to your loan application and strives to ensure that all clients are able to receive the loan applied for within the day. For the short term loans, the applicant is required to provide details required in the online application form then submit it online. It is then reviewed and approved or declined in the same day of application. If approved, the money is wired to the applicants account immediately. Whether you wanted to repair your broken down car, burnt out generator, or pay emergency hospital bills, you can meet this successfully when using our short term loans.

With competitive interest rates, ExitAhead Loans is listed among the cheapest lenders available offering flexible repayment terms over the loans. Clients are free to make the payment as agreed on the repayment terms or make an early payment if they so wish without charging them early payment fees. Since the loan amounts offered to our clients come in variable amounts, you are welcomed to make a request for just the amount that they need.

With a team of competent staff offering services all round the clock, there is no limitation as to the time and day that a client can make a loan application. Our team is well educated in lending and in the monitoring of the financial market. They also have skills in applicant evaluation and identifying short term loans needs. In case of inquiries, a client can ask the team to get clarification on subjects that need explanation before they apply for our loans.

ExitAhead Loans practices responsible lending to ensure that all clients are satisfied and happy. This includes offering flexible loan amounts, flexible repayment installments, low interest rates, and client evaluation. Credit checks are conducted on our clients to make sure that you are lent funds that you can repay without hitches.

ExitAhead Loans strives to keep the clients informed. As a client, you are equipped with information regarding the installment you should pay and the total interest rate that is billed on your loan amount. You are also given the dates for repayment so that you can meet the payments without arrears. What is more is that all interest charges are clearly stated and no extra fees are imposed on the clients.

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Loans Definition

There are different forms of short term loans. Understanding these will help you make the right decision when applying for a short term loan. The types of short term loans available include:

Online Short Term Loans: These loans are applied online. The internet is the link between the borrower and the lender. After the loan form is filled and submitted, the lender reviews it and approves or declines the application. If approved, the funds are wired into the borrowers account electronically. Applications for this type of loan can be done at home or from anywhere. It can be made through a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Instant Short Term Loans: These are ideal emergency loans. Immediately after the application of the loan, it is reviewed, approved and the funds wired into your bank account instantly. These loans cover emergency situations where individuals need instant cash. The rates are usually high for these forms of loans.