How it Works

Loan reviewing and disbursement

After filling an online application form, the responsibility shifts to the company. The application is reviewed before the loan is advanced. The first step is to check that you meet all the eligibility criteria. This is then followed by the reviewing process which is geared to help identify if you can meet the repayment obligations. After receiving your application and ensuring that you have filled all the required details, we carry out a credit check. This looks into your ability to repay the loan.

Once we have ascertained that you have passed all the checks, the loan is approved. Once approved, you will get details to verify the loan through your mobile number and Email. Use these details to look through your loan terms and accept the agreement offered. This process is carried out within the same day of the loan’s application thus making it a same day loan. When you have accepted the agreement the loan details are passed on to the responsible parties so that the money is wired to your account. Once the money hits the account, you can withdraw the money and put it to use.

Loan repayment and recovery

As soon as the money is disbursed, your loan repayment details are set rolling. This needs you to pay back the loan as outlined in the repayment agreement. Once the set payment period is reached, the outset installment will be deducted from your bank account to settle the loan. This is carried out automatically.

Once the loan is repaid to the full, you are free from the obligation and are free to fill an application for another short term loan whenever needed. Perfect repayment of previous loans heightens the chances of getting a next loan without difficulties. It also adds an individual’s credit ranking thus making it easy for you to get a bigger loan when needed.